DesignBuilder Simulation Training Days

The training will be run using version 4 of DesignBuilder and will cover many of the new and enhanced features such as the new geometric modeller with enhanced block geometry editing, the ability to mirror blocks, add individual surfaces, and produce cut-away/section visualisations.

The training is suitable for new and experienced users alike. It is fully modular so that people can attend just one or any number of the days.

The course is organized so that architects could attend only the first 2-3 days and the last 2 days are specific to engineers. The focus on day 3 is low energy and passive design modelling and it would therefore be valuable for both architects and engineers.

Dates and Venue:

Cost: $299 per day.

Discounts: are available for

  • If more than one person from your organization will attend.
  • Students, instructors and researchers (please complete our educational discount form).

Please contact us for details of how to obtain a discount for multiple bookings or for any other information about the course. Cancellation policy.

Computer: Students are required to bring their own Windows OS laptop computer. See hardware requirements.


Training Contents

Each day consists of a number of topic sessions, as follows:

Day 1 - Modeller

The aim of the day is to provide trainees with the knowledge required to confidently set up building geometry using blocks, zones, and define and select constructions.

  • 1. Introduction to User Interface & Model Geometry
  • 2. Geometric operations
  • 3. Roof Geometry, Outline Blocks, etc.
  • 4. Import Floor Plans & Zoning
  • 5. Zone Merging & Assigning Activities
  • 6. Constructions & Infiltration
  • 7. Openings

Day 2 - EnergyPlus Simulation

Introduce adjacency modifiers, templates for improved modelling efficiency, heating and cooling design, basic simulation, solar shading, lighting, and HVAC data entry.

  • 1. Ground & Adiabatic Blocks
  • 2. Templates
  • 3. Heating & Cooling Design
  • 4. Simulation & Comparing Results
  • 5. Solar Shading
  • 6. Lighting & Daylight Control
  • 7. Simple HVAC

Day 3 - Natural Ventilation, Calculated Natural Ventilation & Renewables

Modeling low environmental impact design solutions including natural ventilation, daylighting and renewables.

  • 1. Timing - Schedules, Profiles, Holidays
  • 2. Scheduled Natural Ventilation & Infiltration
  • 3. Calculated Natural Ventilation
  • 4. Calculated Natural Ventilation (contd.)
  • 5. Mixed Mode
  • 6. PV & Wind Turbines

Day 4 - Introduction to Detailed HVAC

Introducing the power of EnergyPlus HVAC modelling in DesignBuilder…getting started with detailed HVAC including HVAC templates and the basic loop types.

  • 1. Introduction to Detailed HVAC
  • 2. PTAC + PTHP
  • 3. Hot Water Plant Loops + Radiators
  • 4. Hot Water Plant Loops + Radiators (contd.)
  • 5. Chilled Water Loops + Fan Coil Units
  • 6. Chilled Water Loops + Fan Coil Units (contd.)
  • 7. Air Loops (DOAS + Chilled Beams)
  • 8. Air Loops (DOAS + Chilled Beams) (contd.)

Day 5 - Detailed HVAC

Focus on Detailed HVAC for more complex modelling tasks, with examples on heated floors and a VAV system building up to simulating a system with full humidity control.

  • 1. Heated Floors
  • 2. Results Viewer
  • 3. Plant Sequencing
  • 4. VAV with Reheat
  • 5. Humidity Control

NOTE: Attendees will be provided with full 30 day licenses to allow them to practice with using DesignBuilder after the training.


  • Christian Stalberg - presenter, energy modeler, and energy modeling trainer. Having studied energy modeling using DOE2 in the 1980s,Christian has been modeling buildings since 2008. He has performed the modeling for almost two dozen LEED certified buildings during that time. He has a Schools Energy Auditor certification from the California Energy Commission #840328, as well as training in California State Energy Standards Title 24 code compliance from the Association of Bay Area Governments.