2-Day DesignBuilder/EnergyPlus Building Energy Simulation Workshop Curriculum

Course Fee: $599 (a 50% discount is available for students and educational institution instructors and researchers)

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IMPORTANT: Course Prerequisite

In order for us to cover all of the following material in a two day course, we require all attendees who are new to DesignBuilder to have viewed the basic tutorials and practices regarding building geometry that are available online. These are

Trainees will be required to confirm they have completed these tutorials before attending.

Day 1

  • Import Floor Plans & Zoning – create Example Building
  • Introduction to importing models from Revit and other BIM software
  • Selection of activities and activity data
  • Constructions location, selecting constructions and glazing and adding new data
  • Running Heating and Cooling design calcs and Simulations and reviewing results
  • Shading: local shading, window shading, component blocks
  • Lighting, lighting control
  • Introduction to Radiance daylighting simulation

Day 2

  • Scheduled natural ventilation
  • Calculated natural ventilation
  • Summary of DesignBuilder HVAC options – Simple, Compact and Detailed HVAC options
  • Simple HVAC
  • Detailed HVAC: Simplest system: electric convector
  • PTAC with hot water loop
  • VAV with reheat
  • Multiple boilers, chillers and plant equipment operation controls
  • HVAC template wizard

NOTE: Attendees will be provided with full 60 day licenses to allow them to practice with using DesignBuilder after the training.

INSTRUCTOR: Peter Lyons, PhD (Physics), M.ASHRAE: Peter holds a PhD in physics from the University of Tasmania and is a principal of DesignBuilder Software Australia. His expertise has been acquired locally and internationally and is applied across façade engineering and sustainable building design. Over 20 years he has specialised in energy performance modelling of all types of fenestration systems and of whole buildings, both residential and commercial. During 1998 - 99, Peter was a visiting researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California. He continues applied research into the energy modelling and rating of windows and skylights. He has published over 50 research papers and reports and has continuing research interests in the impact of windows on human comfort in buildings.

Peter is a foundation Technical Committee member and certified simulator with the new Australian Fenestration Rating Council. He is a certified simulator with the US National Fenestration Rating Council and is active in ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.5 (Fenestration).

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