Building Energy Modeling Made Easy!

DesignBuilder Simulation Training Days

Come get trained in the most powerful and easy to use software for building energy modeling available today. Suitable for both new and experienced DesignBuilder users, the course is fully modular so that people can attend any one or combination of days.

Dates: June 2-6, 2014

Location: American Institute of Architects, 1735 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006-5292

Additional course information and registration.

Space is limited so we encourage early registration.

DesignBuilder Approved for Commercial Building Tax Deductions

DesignBuilder version v3.0.0.105 now qualifies for the calculation of the energy and power cost savings for commercial building tax deductions under the IRS tax code Section 179D [see Qualified Software for Calculating Commercial Building Tax Deductions]. For information about the tax deduction visit the Commercial Building Tax Deduction Coalition.

Educational Special Offer

Buy any educational DesignBuilder simulation package (with the educational discount) and get 30 student licenses for just $1000! The student licenses will give students access to the full power of the DesignBuilder simulation software including advanced EnergyPlus simulations, visualization, HVAC, daylighting and CFD. This special deal for educational institutions is good for a 3 year term. The student licenses can also be renewed each year for the next 2 years for $1,000/year.

Detailed HVAC Documentation Now Available

DesignBuilder has just released detailed in-depth documentation on incorporating component based HVAC systems in DesignBuilder's building models for energy simulation using EnergyPlus. You may view the documentation here [opens new browser window]

DesignBuilder is Integrated With EnergyPlus

DesignBuilder has been specifically developed around EnergyPlus allowing all of the EnergyPlus fabric and glazing data to be input. Databases of building materials, constructions, window panes, window gas, glazing units and blinds are provided.

Featuring an easy-to-use OpenGL solid modeller, which allows building models to be assembled by positioning 'blocks' in 3-D space and realistic 3-D elements providing visual feedback of actual element thickness and room areas and volumes. You can import CAD data and there are no limitations on surface shape — surfaces having more than 4 vertices are triangulated to ensure compatibility with the EnergyPlus simulator.

Data templates allow you to load common building constructions, activities, HVAC & lighting systems into your design by selecting from drop-down lists. You can also add your own templates if you often work on similar types of buildings. This, combined with data inheritance, allows global changes to be made at building, block or zone level. You can also control the level of detail in each building model allowing the tool to be used effectively at any stage of the design or evaluation process.

Compact HVAC systems are a powerful entry way into EnergyPlus HVAC modelling because they do not require you to draw an air flow network. You can model many common HVAC systems including VAV with terminal reheat, constant volume, packaged DX units and mechanical ventilation.

Environmental performance data is displayed without needing to run external modules and import data and any simulations required to generate the data are started automatically. Other feature highlights include:

  • Building energy consumption and CO2 emissions output suitable for building energy code compliance checking.
  • Internal temperatures and comfort output available using the full range of EnergyPlus comfort indicators.
  • Integrated daylighting simulation allows checking for optimal use of natural light, modelling lighting control systems.
  • Detailed calculation of air flows within naturally ventilated buildings using EnergyPlus AirFlowNetwork.
  • Impressive rendered images and movies showing site layouts and solar shading.
  • Heating and cooling equipment sizing.
  • Generate EnergyPlus input IDF files to access functionality not provided by DesignBuilder.
  • Latest ASHRAE worldwide design weather data and locations (4429 data sets) are included with the software and
  • 1258 EnergyPlus hourly weather files are supplied free using DesignBuilder 'Install on Demand'.